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The Current Between Us
Kindle Alexander
Second Chances - T.A. Webb I really enjoyed this book. I wasn't so sure after the first chapter, but by the time Mark meets Antonio, things picked up and sucked me right in. It took me a while of questioning who was going to be with who. Antonio was such an odd character for most of this story. His actions had me all confused, but I didn't feel quite so bad when I learned Mark didn't understand either. Brian seemed really sweet, though I never quite understood what caused him to leave in the first place or why it was never really addressed when he came back.

It takes quite a bit for my emotions to really get tugged, but about halfway through this story, I was grabbing for the tissues. It really caught me off guard, even though I saw signs of it coming.

There were quite a few WTH moments that I just shook my head for example, Antonio just wanting to up and leave for a year just seemed odd. I understood the reasons behind it, but just couldn't believe he would up and leave Mark like that and not just break it to his family about them being together.

I also really liked the Robbie part of the story. He was super sweet and had been through so much. My heart just broke for him for all he endured and then warmed every time something good went his way.

All in all, once I got going, I didn't want to put this down until I got to the end. And while heartbreaking at times, it was quite heartwarming as well.