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The Telling (The Telling, #1) - Eden Winters This sweet little freebie was very well done. Unfortunately, it is all to realistic. I liked the focus on Michael's PTSD, his attempts at blending back into civilian life while dealing with that, as well as the guilt he harbors and the realization that he is gay and his decision to accept and make that a part of his life. We see a few of his therapy issues, which were also very well done.

Michael's relationship with Jay is a nice slow build. Jay is completely understanding and helpful, and they take their time establishing things. It is almost secondary to the story about Michael and his recovery.

Michael's sister had to be one of the nosiest busybodies I ever read about, and even though she did everything in the name of caring, it grated on my nerves a bit.

The only real issue I had with this story was that was a bit drawn out at times, often repeating information that had already been given. I also wondered why Michael's actual hearing injury wasn't ever really brought up, other than in the beginning. All in all though, this was a really sweet story. It reminded me of a couple I know and that made me enjoy it even more.