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Becoming His Slave (Dominion of Brothers, #1) - Talon P.S. I'm glad I finally tackled this one. The story of Trenton and Katianna is the main focus and gets a bit drawn out and repetitive at times, but Katianna had issues that differed from the norm. She was not the typical female character you would expect in a story like this, which made it a bit easier to understand the situation. Trenton is like the leader of all doms. He is very alpha and extremely unbending when it comes to what he wants. This, coupled with the lack of communication and explanation is what caused 90% of their problems.

What truly made this book for me was the storyline with the "brother," Deisel, and the slave in training, Paris. Egads, what a match! These two are beyond hot, and I cannot wait to read more about them. Deisel finally met someone who can handle and match his needs, and I really hope they can make things work. I would have loved to see more of each of these guys, either together or separately, throughout this story.

This is a long story, but there is a lot going on. There are three other "brothers" involved, and I look forward to seeing more of their stories played out as well. There were a lot of editing/typographical errors, but I understand a revised version has just come out that addresses those issues. While a bit annoying at times, they weren't enough to take away from my enjoyment of the story, and I am definitely excited to read the next segment.