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The Current Between Us
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Aaron - J.P. Barnaby I am giving this 5 stars right off the bat because I stayed up all night reading it, couldn't get to the end fast enough, and when I got there, I still wanted more.

Now, for the story. I felt the beginning was dragging on a little bit. We learned about how Aaron feels about his life now, and it seemed to be told over and over, until things started moving again when he went to college that first day. Then, things rolled along nicely. Poor, sweet Aaron. I was scouring the pages for details of his attack/rape where they were handed out like crumbs on a trail to the full story. He is just so broken inside, it is hard to believe he will ever be able to function normally again.

Spencer is such a sweet little slut puppy. I never knew there were people actually having Twitter sex! Anyway, I loved that he was damaged as well and was able to understand Aaron's needs, wanted to help and to be his friend. They really are perfect for each other in so many ways. I really enjoyed watching Aaron start to heal with the help of Spencer and his father.

I loved Aaron's brothers and the way they stood up for him and helped him through the difficult times even though they had to be totally frustrated by the situation. Their parents didn't bother me until close to the end. It bugged me that they couldn't see the positive changes in Aaron after he started seeing Spencer's father.

At the end, I felt like I missed a big chunk of their life. I suppose the book would be way too long if it didn't skip ahead through some points, and perhaps I was just being greedy in wanting to see and learn more about Aaron's attack, further healing and the budding relationship between he and Spencer.