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Nowhere to Run - Erin Lark Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 4 stars

This was not an easy story, nor was it very difficult. Simon was abused terribly by his boyfriend, and after his last trip to the hospital nearly killed him, he did the only thing he thought was possible at the time – to run. He disappears from the hospital and his family, changes his identity and starts his life over as a new person. Shortly after, he meets David and has been seemingly happily hiding away with him for all this time.

Unfortunately, he ends up in a photo on television that enables his sister to track him down. This triggers the change of events where David learns the man he loves is not the person he knew. Simon’s fear of his ex is so intense; he continues to suffer from nightmares and flashbacks. David is incredible and sticks by Simon’s side through everything trying to find ways to help him put the past behind him.

Simon decides to make contact with his family even though he must face his fears to do so. This story was a little predictable, but I really enjoyed watching David and Simon overcoming Simon’s issues, as well as the problems those issues caused in their own relationship. Simon’s ex has also confronted Simon’s sister, and their father is pressuring Simon to speak with the police in order to help put the ex away. He eventually agrees and we begin to learn more about the abuse. I often found myself on the edge of my seat waiting to hear these details from Simon. While we never really get that many, the picture was pretty clear.

The final showdown felt a bit rushed, but this was a great story of overcoming fears, persevering over abuse and how much having someone by your side helps make those things possible.