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Reclamation (Dominion, #2) - Lissa Kasey This installment is more intense, with action throughout. Given the prologue, I was waiting for the shoe to drop at any moment. At first, I was disappointed that we were given a peek at what would happen. But, as the story played out, it all made sense.

As with the others in this series, I did not want to put it down. Poor Seiran is in therapy to help him cope with his issues and even though it is forced upon him by the Dominion, he ends up finding it helpful. It is very sad to watch him struggle so much. On the flip side, Gabe is a solid force, always there, standing by him, ready with whatever he needs.

Jamie is as sweet and caring as ever, remaining by Seiran's side as his shadow and protector.

Seiran's mom continues to be one big piece of work, though I was happy to see she did'nt always get her way.

My heart was in my throat near the end of this one, but I was very satisfied with the way it ended.