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The Current Between Us
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Room to Grow - Kate Sherwood This starts out a little slow, until David starts taking a bit more control of his life. He is such a sweetheart. I just wanted things to be better for him. I loved Cole. While he did upset me a bit a time or two, I really liked his character overall. I also understood and liked how Cole put David off until he was more solid in his new life as a gay man. Cole's friends were ok, though Sasha's licking issue was a bit icky.

What I didn't like was how slow things were moving, until, suddenly they jump ahead and then its over. I would have definitely liked to have seen more about their relationship after they decided to give it a go, both for themselves and the other people in their lives. While I liked much of this story, the ending felt very rushed.

I was extremely disappointed when this ended at 86%. 14% of a book talking about other books with long excerpts for each is excessive. To add insult to injury, one of the books mentioned, with excerpt included, is this very book!