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Loving Instincts - S.J. Frost I was very happy to see some of the old Titus back in this installment. I totally fell for his strength and bad assness in book 1, and while I missed it a little in book 2, it shows up quite a few times in this book. As with the first two books, the parts I enjoyed most were when the guys were engaging or plotting to engage the enemy vamps and the excitment of the fighting.

Most of this story surrounds Andreas' long-awaited turning. I often felt parts of this story were a bit drawn out, including getting to the point of Andreas' turning, but after the actual somewhat anticlimactic event, things picked up with Andreas' adjustments and recovery going through the "change."

I'm not too sure how I feel about Carl in all of this. He is just not that strong of a character. Could be interesting if the next book is about him though. Egill seems to be interested, but seems much too old for him, in my opinion. We shall see.

I really enjoyed Daniel this time around. He is definitely more of his old self here, and I loved his funny comebacks and comments.

Much of this book is very sweet and mushy, and I did not enjoy that aspect of it. But I still love where this story is going and feel the characters and their relationships are now at a point where they will be past most of that extra sweet lovesickness and look forward to reading the next one given the interesting turn this seems to have taken with the changes to the Tribunal. This was a solid 3.5 stars for me.