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The Way You Say My Name - Sara Bell What a fabulous book. There is young love, sadness, horror, humor, murder and mystery. At some point, I felt bad for almost every character in this story. Nothing is as it seems as mostly every scenario is played out. Every time you think you are close to figuring something out, another layer is peeled back, and you are left questioning everyone all over again.

The characters - there were so many characters to invest in here. Dillon and Jamie, who are so sweet once they finally figure things out. Ben, who had been through so much but only let a select few know the real deal. Mitch, who was not a whole lot better off than Ben. Megan and Heath are interesting as well. And I certainly can't leave out smexy Nate and Brandon. Dillon's parents are truly unbeleivable. I really didn't want to think there are parents out there who are actually capable of the things they were.

There is so much going on here, with the main story, as well as a few on the side. Every time I thought I was at a good place to put this book down, I would glance at the next sentence and get sucked right back in. It keeps you guessing right up until almost the very end. I did not read book 1 first, but plan to do that right away. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Nate and Brandon came together, and I really hope there is another book planned, because I'd really love to read more about Mitch and see how some of the others are making out.