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The Current Between Us
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Doubtless - Cat Grant I was afraid I wouldn't enjoy Steve's story as much as Conner and Wes'. I am happy to say this wasn't anything near what I expected. I ended up enjoying this as much as the first but for totally different reasons.

Steve has so many repressed feelings from earlier esteem and perhaps family issues. His life seems very lonely and empty, and I found my feelings about him changing as he came to each realization about his life. I was really rooting for him by the end.

I loved Dylan. He was so confident and seemed to care about helping Steve. I kept hoping he would realize it was more than just the money with Steve.

I loved seeing Conner and Wes happy together. I really didn't want Steve to cause cause problems for them. As for the ending, all I can say is that I really hope Cat is working hard and fast on the next one.