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The Current Between Us
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Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux Another fabulous installment of the crazy lives of Ty and Zane. The guys are on the go from beginning to almost the very end. I found that little snippets here and there kept reminding me of things from the other books that made me want to run back and reread this series from the beginning. Everything I loved about the previous books is present in this one. Ty is just as sarcastic and snarky as ever, only with much more added emotion and tenderness. His normal banter with Zane is just as good as ever as well, and, with the added bonus of smexy Julian, it is virtually non-stop. The guys seem to have their relationship on much more solid ground now, though Zane still struggles with some insecurities.

The scene where Zane pushes Nick for insight about Ty, his relationship with Nick and their POW time in captivity was beautifully done and explained a lot about some of Ty's issues.

I don't think it is imperative that you read Warrior's Cross before this, but it would definitely give you more insight and understanding into Julian and Cam's relationship.

These books read like a soap opera - I wish I could read an ongoing episode about them every day. It is wonderful to see it still doing so well and that we won't have too long a wait for our next fix.