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The Current Between Us
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Finding Zach - Rowan Speedwell Amazing, fabulous, loved every word. At no point in this story was I ever considering anything less than 5 stars. From the minute it starts, it grabs you. I loved that they didn't spend too much time on Zach's captivity, yet we always had a crystal clear picture of what happened. I also liked that we saw some of Zach's therapy, but not too much that it took over the story. This book just seemed to have the perfect amount of everything for me.

Zach was nothing short of amazing, and while his insecurities about David frustrated me at times, I always understood where he was coming from. David was wonderful as well.

So many of the scenes, especially the sex between David and Zach, were simply beautiful. I could read them over and over.

There are a few interesting side characters as well. I'm really looking forward to reading more from this author.