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Bloodraven - P.L. Nunn I honestly do not even know where to start with this review. I started off being somewhat horrified by the unbelievably descriptive giant ogres, their killing, raping and overall torture of the tiny humans. They get a hold of Yhalen early on in the story, and it was amazing he survived his first encounter with them, though there are reasons that become extremely important to the story that enable him to do so.

For these same reasons, Yhalen is given as a slave to Bloodraven, a half ogre/half human. Bloodraven is not as large as the full ogres, but still quite large compared to Yhalen. Yhalen struggles throughout the story with his slave status. He is continually made to suffer, though Bloodraven treats him better than the ogre clan did by far.

So much of this story is about Yhalen suffering and enduring horrible treatment. He is a gentle soul, yet feisty and strong. I could not read fast enough to get through parts just to see Yhalen, and even Bloodraven, through.

Bloodraven is hard to describe. He constantly struggles with his human and ogre sides. He was able to survive to adulthood among the full ogres by being strong and ogreish, but that is contradictory to how his human side feels. I loved watching Bloodraven and Yhalen come to terms with their respective inner struggles.

There are parts involving the dark lord that I found equally disturbing, but Yhalen holds his own and sticks to his guns. I could not wait to get to the end of this long story, but felt at a loss when I got there. I was not ready to let these two go just yet. I really hope there will be a follow up story in the future.