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Catch Me If You Can - L.B. Gregg What a fun story. Easy 4.5 stars. There's a little bit of something for everyone here. There are a bunch of side characters, all of whom are suspicious of the others. Everyone seems to be having something stolen from them, to be blackmailed for odd amounts of money.

Ceasar is super cute, sexy, funny, feisty little Italian dude who finds himself in the middle of a tornado of mystery and crime. Nothing seems to be going right for him. Dan is super sexy and funny PI hired by one of the characters to solve the mystery.

Ceasar's family is traditional Italian, family restaurant business and all. I loved how they could care less about Ceasar being gay, other than to berate his bad choice of partners.

This started out a little slow for me, but it moves along fairly quickly. When Dan and Ceasar finally start interacting is when this story really took off for me. They have such chemistry that just clicked right from the get go, I couldn't get to the next scene with them fast enough. When they find themselves caught in sticky situations, things really heat up. I'm really looking forward to seeing these guys in the next book.