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Wishbone - Lauren P. Burka I really enjoyed this story. I loved Wishbone and his relationship with Sir, and even Terefar. One of the things I liked was how their relationship changed and grew, and Sir would change their titles/status based upon the new dynamics. It is a bit of an odd world, where Sir is a sort of demon, and Terefar is basically like a domesticated pet. Wishbone is a human, but it is almost hard to remember this.

I went into this story thinking the biggest thing would be the blood play. However, that doesn't even occur until well into the story when the relationship between Sir and Wishbone takes one of the major directional changes. There are some fisting scenes as well, but I honestly felt they didn't read the same as what I am used to. They were almost downplayed by what was going on at the time. In other words, they didn't really stand out to me as they usually do.

There are familial and political sidestories going on here, but that's where things got a little confusing to me. The names and status levels all kind of ran together. They talk about using a few different languages, and I often found my head spinning trying to understand what was what.

But, I just about read this in one sitting, not wanting to stop until I knew where Wishbone would end up. I would love to read another book perhaps about what happens and how they make out when Sir takes Wishbone home.