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The Current Between Us
Kindle Alexander
Inland Empire - James Buchanan I am loving this story. Nicky is still the same wonderful, funny, super sexy ropemaster, and I continue to want to kick some major Brandon ass.

This book didn't have quite the abundance of technical jargon to distract me like the last one did. Have I already mentioned that the rope scenes are hotter than hot. These two just click together. It is great to see Nicky able to really get to the bottom of Brandon's needs.

And, speaking of Brandon, I am so on the fence with him. At some points I think I understand and am ok about his fears of coming out, but then I am reminded about how that affects Nicky, and it just breaks my heart while pissing me off at the same time, and I lose all compassion for him in this regard. I will acknowledge that he does try, and hope that his baby steps keep moving forward in the right direction.