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Nailed to the Wall - Jayne Rylon Ok. Four stars for the overall story, though I didn't enjoy this near as much as previous books. There is a lot of female stuff going on in this one - it starts with the girls all having a slumber party and having girl talk. I was seriously afraid it was going to turn into an all girl orgy. Thankfully, the guys came home from their trip early. When they get going, even though it is hard to remember who is with who and limbs and things are everywhere, the sex is super hot.

This was probably my first reading of a full f/f scene. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but maybe that was because the guys were all there doing stuff around them.

Truthfully, the best parts of these books are when the guys are in bi-mode (other than sweet James who wants it that way all the time).

The girls come to some decisions in this book about what direction their group relationship/sessions should go, couple relationships are evolving, and the baby talk is in the air, which probably means this is a good place to stop this story. As with the others though, I would still read another, as this dynamic just seems to work for these guys.