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Out of the Dungeon (Dungeon #2) - S.M.   Johnson This was not at all what I was expecting. I was up and down throughout this part of the dungeon story. I liked that there was trouble in the threesome relationship and that changes had to be made. They all seemed to be losing something at one point or another. Everyone is unhapy with things but Roman. Then, Jeff's accident changes things for everyone, and their lives spin out of control. Roman deals with his various losses in different ways, but submitting to Thomas was one of the hottest scenes in the book.

There was way too much Vanessa in this story. Her issues with Suede seemed to drag on way too long.

Gigi, aka NaughtyGranny68, is a hoot. Wish there was more of her and less of the Vanessa/Suede drama.

By the end, things seem to be working themselves out in another direction for everyone. I hope we get to see more in another book.