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Manhandled - S.A. Reid,  Rosemary O'Malley This story was ok. I really didn't like Brendan. I thought he was pretty much a total jackass throughout the entire book. His boyfriend, Kent, breaks up with him because he is boring, and their relationship has gotten stale. Brendan's brilliant plan to win him back is to pull Kent into a dark closet at one of his business outings and do a little role playing. Poor Stephen gets nabbed instead. I had a very difficult time believing Brendan didn't know it wasn't his intended target, but whatever. So he seems to forget about Kent and decides to make a go of it with Stephen. More Brendan jackassedness ensues, but Stephen is turned on by most of Brendan's behavior and keeps coming back for more.

I really didn't like the ending. There just seemed to be a whole lot missing, and I had a hard time caring about these characters.