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The Current Between Us
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Cage Match - Bonnie Dee I really enjoyed this story. Jabez is a total underdog from the wrong side of town. In this world, slaves are forced to cage fight to the death, and Jabez is a champion fighter. Andreas is the rich guy watching the fights, and Jabez, in particular. They are night and day, light and dark, but they make a beautiful match. Andreas has to tread very carefully to earn Jabez' trust.

Andreas uncovers some nasty doings by his family's company while doing research on a project he wants to fund to refurbish and restore the bad area where Jabez came from. There is a bit of mystery, a little intrigue, some kidnapping and abuse when tables get turned on Andreas. These two keep on fighting though, and what you end up with is a story that focuses on the deeper aspect of a relationship. There is slow buildup, and the guys are not having sex on every other page. A very solid 4.5 read for me.