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Sub for Hire - Claire Thompson I really enjoyed this story. I think the previous bdsm book I read was so totally unbelievable and unrealistic that I was ready for something seemingly more serious, and this one just felt right. I liked that it showed two different sides to the bdsm coin - one side, the sub for hire, where doms pay a bunch of money for an hour session with a "professional" sub where very little emotion comes into play; and one side where the d/s relationship is deeper and more meaningful and involves more caring and trust.

Josh has taken the sub for hire job to supplement his income until his professional writing career can support him. Even though he believes a d/s relationship is more spiritual and emotional than just submitting (without the trust, connecton, etc.) to a stranger for an hour, he is able to push those feelings aside and disassociate himself during his sessions, thinking of it as a job. After he meets Michael (a client), he realizes they have a deeper connection, and he is no longer able to think of it this way when subbing for Michael.

Josh and Michael seem to be perfect for each other and are looking for the same things - a fulfilling d/s relationship/partnership, so they decide to take things further. They face a few hurdles (Josh continuing to sub for hire being one), but they work through them.

There are definitely a few things that didn't sit quite right with me, but overall, I really enjoyed this book. When finished, I felt I knew exactly where these two were headed and was happy with the way things ended.