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Under Contract - Helen Saito Gavin is an ex-slave who works as a trainer for a company that trains and then auctions sexual slaves. most slaves sign up to fulfill contracts of various lenghths out of a financial necessity. This is not the case for Alex, who is looking for slave ownership to provide what he feels is missing in his life. The story takes place over Alex's one month training period where he and Gavin attempt to find his limits and prepare him for potential owners. There are quite a few interesting characters introduced, like Demitre and Noah, but the story mostly focusses on Gavin's struggle with wanting Alex for himself and his lover, Sam, but his reluctance and views on slave ownership put up a good fight. There are also a few side stories touched upon that I enjoyed as much, if not more than the main plot, such as Demitre and Noah. It ends rather abruptly, and I would have enjoyed an epilogue showing how things turned out after the auction, or perhaps even a sequel.