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Dark Soul Vol. 5 - Aleksandr Voinov I'm having such a hard time writing this review. I'm so happy with this story, yet so disappointed that it is over. I love the way everthing played out, but I kept asking "but what about so and so?" and "wait, what happened then?" and I just kept telling myself to be happy with what I was being given. And I was...I am, but this story has made me a very greedy reader.

I became a sponge with when I started reading this, soaking up every detail I could. It captivated me from the beginning, and I could not even pinpoint what it was exactly that did it. There are so many layers to the characters, and I enjoyed every time one more of them was peeled away.

Silvio has become one of my all time favorite characters. Even though we have learned so much about him and his characteristics, at the end, I still feel as though he is hiding so much. I love that he has issues and is so complex. I would love to read more about his life with Franco and Sebastiano (not so much about his father though *shudders*), and/or his time with Battista.

While not nearly as complex and complicated as Silvio, it was a joy to get to know Stefano as well. He continually tries to make things right for everyone, and I was very happy he was able to fix things one more time.

The one scene with Donata, Stefano and Silvio was amazing. The same tone that carries on throughout this series holds steady in this scene as well. I found it very refreshing.

So, I was happy to read about everyone again and see how things would pan out and conclude, but I was saddened at the same time knowing it was all coming to an end. I can now put my efforts into finding something to help me cope with the withdrawals I already feel coming on.