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The Epic Love Story of Doug and Stephen - Valerie Z. Lewis This is a solid 3.5 stars for me. There were things I liked and things I didn't, and some things I like and didn't like at the same time.

Doug is cute and sweet and hilarious at times. He is also seemingly dumb as a brick, made out as a brainless model with good looks being his only real skill, though perhaps this is due, in part, to smoking weed daily for most of his adult life. I had a difficult time seeing any real depth to his character. He was so flighty all the time, but every once in a while, would come out with something profound.

Stephen is a miserable gay man who spends his time being depressed about this life and finding enjoyment in taking it out on other people. He is constantly belittling Doug and trying to push him away, though this only makes Doug push back harder. He has his moments where a little bit of sweetness shine through, but not enough to wipe away the many horrible remarks he makes in just about every communication he has with Doug.

So, the two of them together kind of works, because they even each other out, but I was constantly trying to picture them having an actual relationship. Stephen is Doug's first gay relationship (he decides he wants to be gay with Stephen), yet we never really see anything about them being together sexually. We are told they had sex, but those few times had me checking back and rereading to see if I had missed something.

One thing that continually distracted me from the story was the many flashbacks into their childhood memories. At first, I thought this was a good thing, that maybe it would show the reasons behind some of their behavior, but most of them seemed totally unrelated to the story and were just taking up space.

There were a few interesting side characters to enjoy in this as well. Wilson (Doug's best friend and drug supplier) is a funny and colorful individual. Alex seemed interesting, though he is in the background for most of the book. Albertus and his dead fish had me wishing for more of his story, and Doug's mom is a funny old sweetheart.

So, I enjoyed this, I laughed a lot, even though I kept getting distracted and lost along the way, and would probably enjoy another book with more about the characters and where life has taken them since the rather abrupt end of this story.