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In Darkness Bound (The Society #1) - Christine  Price I wasn't quite sure what to think about this when I started. It is about a group called the Society who appears to monitor and is made up of a network of people and beings with psychic abilities. A rogue doctor has been studying, researching and performing experiments on a few patients/prisoners. These include Chris, the latest acquisition who has numerous abilities that include projection; Vance, a vampire who has basically been starved to see how different things affect his regenerative abilities; Simon, who had a past connection with Vance, but who seems to be working both sides as he assists the rogue doctor; and patient 66(6), who is a soul sucker kept in total isolation.

Chris and Vance's relationship begins with a psychic connection which then grows to include Simon. The three then work to plan their escape.

The patients are referred to by numbers, which gets a little confusing at times until you can remember who is assigned which number. There are a number of other interesting side characters I would like to learn more about (Matt and Caris), and I was left with a few unanswered questions, which I hope are answered in the next book.