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Chase in Shadow - Amy Lane What a fabulous story. Chase is so damaged by his childhood, which, of course, shapes his entire life at this point. That, in and of itself, is just heartbreaking. Add in the way he chooses to deal with the implications of that, and it is one bumpy ride. Through it all, he consistently tries to do what is best for those in his life. He thinks he has managed to balance everything while still giving himself a little of what he needs himself.

You have to feel a bit bad for Mercy, because she's the one being deceived the most. I know Chase was an expert at hiding things, but I found it hard to believe she never saw any signs of something amiss. I found it odd that she never questioned where the somewhat sudden influx of money came from or the increased amounts of time he spent away from her. She was a good person overall though and tried to make Chase happy.

Tommy is super sweet. He's a super sexy porn star with a few issues of his own, though seemingly minor in comparison to Chase's. He believes Chase is hurting himself just as much, if not more, than he is hurting others and goes with a "take what he can get" attitude where Chase is concerned.

This was a slow ride that burned with anticipation. You know from the beginning what was going to happen, but then have to wait until the 3/4 of the way to learn how things got to that point. I would have liked to have seen a little more of Chase's therapy sessions and a little more of that struggle. They don't solve their problems overnight, and I'm sure there will be more bumps in the road for what their future holds. This was one rollercoaster ride I was happy to have ridden.