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The Winter Courtship Rituals of Fur-Bearing Critters (Knitting, # 1) - Amy Lane This was a very cute, fun story about a cranky man, Rance, who has a yarn business. He raises the animals, makes, mixes and dyes the yarn and has quite a booming business selling his wares. Rance is quite the creative knitter as well. I almost wanted to take up knitting myself after reading this. The technical knitting and yarn talk was interesting and was just short of being TMI.

Ben is Rance's new neighbor after he inherits his aunt's home. He is a city guy who Rance decides needs his help preparing to survive winter in rural Colorado.

These guys have a nice build up to their relationship, but it felt rushed once they actually had sex. I would have liked to have learner a little more about their background, as well as how they made out a little further into the future. This was a funny story too, and was different than any others I've read so far. Another nice job by Amy.