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The Current Between Us
Kindle Alexander
Twin Temptations - Carol Lynne I was very disappointed with this book. I think I had my hopes set too high. It has been quite a while since I have read anything with a female sexually involved, and this book reminded me of why that is. The boys, who I thought were so secretive and mysteriously sexy, came across more as whiney babies. They are twins who love each other and have made that work for them by secluding themselves and only showing affection, etc. in private. Things are starting to get a little more open for them as their brothers and family offer their support. They are in love with each other, they kiss, jack off, rub off, sometimes give each other head, but they never actually have penetrative sex, so they don't consider themselves gay. Then Lilly comes in, and they immediately turn on the overly gushy sweet talk and protectiveness. She was quite a bit younger than them, but you never would guess it by the way they act. The main struggle comes to a head when Ranger can't come to grips that he wants Ryker more than Lilly. I found I just wanted to get through this one so I could move on to Cattle Valley.