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The Current Between Us
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Under the Skin - Nicki Bennett,  Ariel Tachna 3.5 stars

Smexy story about a hot detective who meets a smokin tattooed Russian mob bodyguard while on a case. They feel instant lust, meet up, under pretenses of exchanging information, and things get more involved. Each meeting more dangerous than the last, due firstly to Patrick being a cop, and secondly to the mob finding out not only that connection, but that Alexei is gay, which is punishable by death in their circles.

Still, these two cannot stay away from each other, as they become deeper and deeper entangled, both with each other and with their respective jobs. I loved Alexei. He has had a difficult life and it doesn't get any easier until the very end of this story.

I did get frustrated at the abrupt point of view changes. When I have to backtrack to figure out who is speaking, it pulls me out of the story. I also wished for a bit more into why these guys fell in love, other than the intense physical connection they both had. If you're looking for some intense sex, with smexy accents, this one works just fine. It was nice to see them achieve their HEA and how that finally came to be.