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Beyond Duty - S.J.D. Peterson
Review written for The Blog of Sid Love.

I first met and fell in love with Macalister Jones (Mac) and Gunther Duchene (Gunny) in their free short story of the same name. The short story was perfect, but these guys had so much more to show us, and I’m thankful they were able to tell it here.

Mac and Gunny met in boot camp, became friends and then lovers. After a few years, they became exclusive, but still remained more best friends with benefits, having to continue hiding under DADT. Now, some 22 years after they met, they are facing retirement from the military which is coinciding with Obama’s signing of the repeal of DADT.

Both men are a little worried about the changes this could bring to their relationship. Both are terrified of losing each other, but Gunny seems to be having the most trouble, thinking the younger Mac will want to take the opportunity of freedom to find someone younger and new. These guys are super hot, both alpha marines, and even though Gunny outranks Mac and they are the same size and build, Mac is the more dominant of the two. This leads to a very hot d/s scene that, quite frankly, I wish there was more of.

Mac is quite the cheeky fellow, and while very cocky, there is never any question, in my mind, about his feelings for Gunny. He is playful and fun at times, super hot dominant male at others. These two were made for each other in every way. They share so much and always seem to know exactly what the other needs.

As their retirement ceremony draws near, they deal with coming out to family and friends, as well as their fellow marines. Gunny’s coming out to his parents about broke my heart. This has its ups and downs, but it is something they feel needs to be dealt with before their ceremony. Another thing they struggle with is what they will do with themselves once they are officially retired. Mac is worried he will get bored quickly and get himself into trouble, so they are trying to figure out the next stage of their lives as well.

I had almost forgotten how much I loved these guys, but it came flooding back the moment I started reading this. It is just as wonderfully written as the free short story, captivating and fun, sexy and sweet. There are some moments of sadness mixed in with a lot of hot sex, but through it all, their love shines through, and I don’t think I could ever get enough of them. Ms. Peterson has delivered another fabulous story with these guys, and I will always hold onto the hope that we will still see them again.