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Frat Boy and Toppy - Anne Tenino
3.5 stars

Cute and sweet story about college frat boy jock, Brad, and teaching assistant, Sebastian.

It takes a while for this one to get going, as the beginning is all about Brad discovering and coming to terms with his being gay. I thought his constant back and forth got a little tiresome at times, but I kept reminding myself to imagine how long the struggle would be in real life. What did get tiring was the amount of guilt he felt about the girls he was with before he even knew or realized he was gay. Was he really going to go back to every girl and apologize?

I liked Sebastian and how he sort of showed Brad the ropes. I kept waiting for his player days to catch up to him and cause problems, but I guess he and Brad were just meant for each other, because things just felt right with them all along.