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The Coil - L.A. Gilbert I was very hesitant when I started this story. I was a little disappointed that the story actually starts by jumping back three years to explain the events leading up to the prologue. When the prologue ended, I was ready to see what happened next. But I trudged on.

So, we go into the story, and there is a lot about the autistic kid, Jamie and how Simon's life handles that responsibility. For me, there was a bit too much focus on Jamie. I realize that he is a major factor to the story, but I just had a hard time enjoying reading about him and the way Simon had to handle him (or not, as the case may be), especially knowing that this would probably not ever change much as Jamie aged.

Anyhoozles, back to the story. Mattie is such a sweetheart, doing what he can to improve his life and the cards he was dealt. I absolutely loved his straight and imposing friend, Ty. Simon was often hurtful towards Mattie, and I disliked him greatly when that happened, but he pulls through in the end, and the story wraps up as the epilogue picks up where the prologue left off. Everything comes together and my feelings about the entire story are altered. 3.5 stars