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The Current Between Us
Kindle Alexander
Triple Threat - Laura Harner I really enjoyed this story, except for the fact that I felt like I missed the first books of the series that brought us to this point in the story. Archer and Zachary have been together for a lot of years, and I really wanted some more background.

There are a few things going on here. Archer and Zachary are both dominants, though Zachary submits to Archer. Archer feels he cannot completely fill Zachary's needs, so he arranges for a submissive assistant to fill that gap while also helping them with their business of investigative/recovery of things. Zachary fights this idea hoping to prove Archer is all he needs. Then we have Jeremiah. He is young and sweet and somewhat innocent. He was handpicked from a group of applicants to fulfill a year-long "personal assistant" contract.

I really liked how this didn't automatically turn into a threesome. Archer orders Zachary to use Jeremiah's PA services but leaves it up to him to take things beyond that. The BDSM theme is somewhat present throughout, but is not really focussed on. Nothing has been very detailed in that regard at this point.

I'm excited there will be more of this story and look forward to the next installment.