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Patrick's Plight - Stephani Hecht, Amber Kell If you're looking for a somewhat cute, not too deep, often cheesy story about a porn company owner instantly falling for one of his auditioners, then this one is for you.

Patrick has just about hit rock bottom trying to keep he and his friends/roommates, Robbie and Oliver, afloat. Oliver had been in a bad car accident where he lost his boyfriend, is still dealing with the aftermath of his own injuries and has a mountain of healthcare bills to pay. Patrick and Robbie have been taking care of him but their money has run out.

Patrick decides to try out for porn, but the owner, Vince, decides he is exactly his type and calls the audition off in order to keep Patrick for himself. Here is where it starts to get a little cheesy. They hit it off, and Vince offers Patrick a job as his PA. All is well until Vince's other PA makes trouble.

Needless to say, this was aN easy read you don't have to get too involved in or think much about. The writing is smooth, and the story moves along quickly. I'm looking forward to reading about sweet Oliver's story next.