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Waiting in the Throes - Maddox Grey Amazing. I will say from the start, if you do not heed the warnings on this one, you are the only one to blame. The length of this kept putting me off, but then I decided to take a peek when a friend started reading it. Well, a few pages into chapter one, this grabbed hold and it still hasn't let go.

I loved that it didn't waste any time before going right into the abduction, and I love that Brennan is the one telling this story. I had to continuously remind myself this was just a story, but the line between reality and make believe is very thin. It didn't help that I saw more than one headline of a missing college boy while reading this. The recent escape of the 10 year captive girls in the news solidified the realm of possibility for me. In other words, I had no trouble believing Brennan's story.

The scenes and events that are told over the 4 months of Brennan's kidnapping are very graphic and vividly detailed. There are many, many cringeworthy moments, and the mindfucking going on is heartbreaking as well. How Brennan was able to survive physically, let alone mentally, is completely beyond me. Yet, he never gives up fighting.

This was a very intense story that pretty much went nonstop, though I never felt as if it was repetitive or dragging out. Chapter 21 was the most intense chapter I can remember reading. Aside from a missed or erroneous word here and there, the writing was fabulous and smooth. I knew going in that this was a WIP. While I was sad when I reached the end, just knowing there was more planned, lifted me right up. Most stories of a similar nature tend to end here or gloss over the recovery. I am very excited to see it play out with Brennan, as I feel he has much more to show us.

Waiting for part two is going to be tough. Thankfully, I have discovered Maddox' tumblr which has many questions and answers to keep me happy while I await the next chapter.