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Forgotten - Traxie There were so many things that bugged me about this. Poor Devin spends the majority of his time being terrified or, at the very least, totally confused as to why things are happening. He almost dies at the hands of the first master, only to be "saved" and then almost killed by the second, Keeren.

Lucky for him though, Keeren suddenly has a change of "heart" and decides that, rather than having Devin screwed and/or beaten to death, he will keep him for himself. At this point, Keeren starts calling him "raspberry" for some unknown reason. Keeren's degree of cluelessness truly knows no bounds. After this decision has been made, he cannot understand why Devin is still unable to eat a normal meal and is always cold. He is constantly handcuffed in the shower, mostly for rough treatment. I'm surprised he isn't a permanently shriveled up raisin given the number of showers he takes in this story.

We never learn how Ronin ended up with evil master number 1, and there is no mention of him needing any kind of recovery from his ordeal.

Devin also spends 75% of the time crying. How does one have that many actual tears? He can barely eat and has panic attacks on a regular basis. The anxiety and stress levels he maintains should be crippling, physically, if not mentally.

Speaking of mental issuse, even after the doctor tells him Devin needs psychological help, Keeren is unable to put 2 and 2 together. Both Keeren and Joey/Snake have told Deven he is "fucked up." This obliviousness continues through the entire story, reinforced by Keeren's blow ups at Devin's reactions/mistakes, etc. He constantly threatens him with the bullwhip, but wonders why Devin is terrified at the slightest though of Keeren being angry. This part makes no sense. Then there is Joey, a/k/a Snake.

A few times, Joey/Snake, Devin's "caretaker," convinces Devin to do something "normal" but which Devin knows or believes would piss Keeren off. Of course, it does, and Devin is put in the middle. Joey/Snake does have some slight understanding of Devin's issues, but he tends to forget as well and never thinks to ask about the causes or Devin's past.

The story doesn't move too fast and seems to be one episode after another. I stuck with it because I really wanted to see Devin get better and learn to live a more "normal" life. Joey/Snake is taking care of him now, and it seems to be helping. Devin is finally getting a little stronger against Keeren, but it is so miniscule in the grand scheme of things that I find it hard to imagine it getting much better. I'm really hoping to see Devin take more than one step forward, ten steps back in the coming chapters.