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My Warrior, My Slave - Nana G.
4.5 stars

Orion, Ares' lieutenant, has committed a great crime - sex with another free man. Men are only allowed to have sex with slaves in this world, so this was a grave error on Orion's part. However, he wanted to know the man submitting to him was doing so of his own free will.

Needless to say, they got caught. Luckily, Ares was able to purchase Orion, and by Orion's request, the man he was also with, Memme. They will now become Ares' sex slaves. His true struggle will be when they must travel in public, Orion as Ares' slave, as opposed to his lieutenant.

I really enjoyed this installment of this series. The writing is smooth, and with the exception of a editing errors, and still a few too many (the slave, etc.) towards the end, it was very well put together. I definitely noticed an improvement over the last book. Also, it was great seeing Ares again, as strong a character as ever. Nice job, Nana!