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Routine Watch - Gina A. Rogers 4.5 stars

I can't believe how much I enjoyed a story without any actual secondary character interaction. This story is told completely from Calvin's POV, and I found I really liked that for a change.

This poor guy suffers from ADHD but has never medicated for it. He left the Navy when he had the opportunity to, but has yet to find a way to relpace the balance the Navy provided in battling his ADHD. He comes up with a solution when he spies a couple of guys going at it roughly in a neighboring apartment building while checking out the neighborhood with his big fancy binochs.

I loved how he did the research and thought being a dom was the answer to his problems, only to find out submitting was really what he craved. I can't wait to see how is full mission plays out. Great job making this prompt come to life as well.