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The Current Between Us
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The Statue - Zathyn Priest I have yet to be disappointed by one of Zathyn's books. This is another wonderfully colorful story to add to my collection. I chose to read the text version, as opposed to the graphic version, and the vivid descriptions painted such a clear picture of things that I was drawn right in. I felt as though I was right alongside Tristan, especially walking through the Gallows for that first time.

Eli is the main guy with the obvious problems, until he meets sweet Zane and has a bit of a wake up call. It was very difficult not to feel for Zane and his situation. I loved how everything played out. This story runs the gamut of emotions - I went from one end of the spectrum at the beginning, on a bit of a roller coaster ride throughout, to a nice "ahhhhh" at the end. It moves along at a nice constant pace and is just the right length. As always, I am eagerly looking forward to Zathyn's next creation.