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The Current Between Us
Kindle Alexander
Taken - Kim Dare
4.5 stars

What a wonderful and intriguing prompt this was. I loved how perfectly the details, given like breadcrums throughout this story, matched the prompt and picture to a T. Not only were the characters spot on, but the scene in the photo as well. I also loved how there was just a taste of the naughtier aspects here, from the light BDSM, to the non-con to the tinge of homophobia.

Poor Maxen isn't sure if he is having a nightmare he wakes up a prisoner, with no memory of how he got there. Things quickly change, and he is then wondering if he is waking from a dream like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Ithel, Einion and Hefin work their magic and clear things up for Maxen and then wait for Maxen to choose to join them.

I really enjoyed this quick little fantasy and would love to see a longer version some day.