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Playing With Fire (Love is Always Write) - Jennivie Wirries I didn't really have any problems with the way this story was written, but the actual storyline was just a little strange. Kaleb and Bryce are in a relationship, living together, but they both have an agreement that it is ok to have sex with other people, so long as they are never with the same person more than once. Another thing going on is that Bryce has a dream where he gets banged by 4 guys in the work locker room, and the end of which, he realizes he needs to tell Kaleb what he is really missing in their relationship, that is, Kaleb doesn't let Bryce touch him much, only really wants rough sex and doesn't show much love. Then, it is about Kaleb's ex, who is now at the same fire company, and tempting Kaleb to break their only screw a guy once agreement.

Best thing I could discern from this story is that Bryce and Kaleb learn what they mean to each other and that they are fully capable of giving each other all that they've been holding back and thought they could only get from other people.

A lot happens in a short amount of words, and it was hard to really feel for any of the characters.