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Bound to Break - S.E. Jakes 4.5 stars

Review written for The Blog of Sid Love.

This book is a lot like Book 4, Bound by Danger, in that there are two couples somewhat starring in the story. You may remember Rex and Sawyer and Clint and Jace from that book. Rex and Sawyer were just getting together and dealing with Rex’ lover who had gone MIA on a mission to retrieve two missing agents.

Fast forward four years and we find Lucky, a man found washed up on the beach with no memory of the past four years or how he got there. He is taken in by Emme and her family and now bartends for them at their restaurant/bar in South Africa. That is, until Lucky is spotted by an ex-teammate and recognized as former MIA soldier, Josh, just about the same time as Emme’s mysterious brother, Dash, comes back into town.

Dash and Lucky hit it off (or so it seems), but Dash is actually CIA who ends up bringing Josh/Lucky in for deserting. Lucky still has no memory, but the government is concerned about having a person with his particular skill set walking the civilian streets and are worried that he may have been turned by his captors in exchange for the release of his fellow POWs and is now a threat.

When word reaches Rex and Sawyer that Josh is actually alive, it puts a lot of strain on their relationship. I loved how this was done and even with Josh not having any memory of their past relationship, the worry was still there about what Josh’s return would mean for Rex and Sawyer’s relationship. Rex and Sawyer are great together, and the story shifts a little bit between them and Lucky/Dash with the Josh/Rex issue being the more common link. Sounds a bit confusing, but it really isn’t the way it’s written.

Lucky and Dash decide they will make a go of it, that there is more to their feelings than just screwing for information and the job. So, there are two couples’ stories being told here, as was the case in Men of Danger. This time though, things read a little smoother for me, and I found I quite enjoyed the style.

This story has so much to offer and is actually my favorite of the series so far. Hot military/special ops guys, damaged characters dealing with recovery from their tortured time in captivity, a few twists I didn’t see coming, and some smoking hot sex, to name just a few. Jakes remains at the top of my must read as soon as it hits the streets list, and this one was no exception. I recommend the entire series, but definitely Bound by Danger, as the same characters appear.