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Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 3 stars

This one is a toughy for me to review. I’m not totally sure what I expected here, but this was definitely not it. This ended up being more like three stories in one. The first part of the story is about Ty Blackburn, a tourist boat operator in Florida (Ty harbors some secrets that play into this). He has been receiving threatening, seemingly homophobic, letters attempting to force him out of the town.

Then, the story shifts to Cody Masterson, a young man looking for a job as first mate/nature photographer. Cody was referred to Ty by his professors. He has no outward problems with Ty being gay. However, he is somewhat homophobic in regards to himself. By somewhat, I mean almost completely. He realizes he is only interested in men, but continues to insist it isn’t a possibility, as he owes a duty to his very religious family to marry (a woman) and provide a grandchild.

Cody is very up front about this with Ty and frequently turns down Ty’s advances. Ty continues pressing though and doesn’t give up. I had a little trouble with this for a few reasons. One, the obvious one about pressuring someone who has clearly stated they don’t want to be pressured, and two, Ty was cheated on previously and is looking for someone to settle down with, so why would he even consider someone like Cody, who has no plans whatsoever of living as a gay man, let alone being in an out relationship? Oh, and he also doesn’t get involved with his employees. Apparently, the attraction Ty has to Cody is enough to bypass those issues, as they eventually become involved (though somewhat secretly because Cody won’t be out in public). Unfortunately, Cody ends things and returns home to due his familial duty. Ty is then left dealing with the third element of this story – the mystery.

What at first glance seems a cut and dry case of homophobia by someone in the town, turns out to be a bit more. The police never have enough proof to pin the crimes on anyone, and bad things eventually happen. All is revealed rather quickly in the end, which felt very rushed after the majority of the story took its time.

This was the first time I’ve read a story with issues such as Cody’s anti-gay stance (which struggle takes up 80% of this story). I really had a hard time warming up to him. Ty was a bit easier, but his actions often put me off as well. There were some enjoyable romantic moments, and I loved Ty’s friends, Ric and the other members of his crew. Everything ties together by the end, and I was happy to see all was on its way to working out for everyone.