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Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews

This story starts off a bit slow and takes a while to get going. Early on, we meet Tucker and his friend, Alison. Tucker has some serious issues, but Alison has stuck by Tucker’s side through thick and thin. They live together, have an amazing friendship and manage to get along beautifully, even though they have very different tastes.

Tucker first meets Jesse at a party (of which he is actually one of the honorees). Sparks fly for both of them when they see each other, though neither one goes out of their way to actually meet the other. They accidentally run into each other in the bathroom, wherein they share a brief kiss before Tucker runs off leaving the party.

Jesse has just returned from Iraq, medically discharged from the military due to a shoulder injury. In addition to attempting to come to grips with his recent life changes, Jesse is also dealing with his current relationship with Miranda. Now, he has apparently been clear with her from the get go that he was interested in guys. I was never really sure why she stuck with him, especially when she knew he was basically using her as a front in regards to the military. Throughout most of the story, Miranda is quite a bitch. She’s extremely superficial, hoity toity, seeming to care more about appearances and gossip than anything else.

When Jesse and Miranda run into Tucker at the restaurant he works, Jesse decides to befriend Tucker. Tucker allows the friendship to grow, knowing that is all it can ever be due to Jesse’s relationship with Miranda, whom he and Alison are now friends with as well.

As you can imagine, that spark they always get when they see each other never goes away. When things seem to be on the same page for these guys, Jesse realizes he needs to make some big choices and decisions in his life. This is the point where the story picked up for me. They were finally interacting and moving forward.

Unfortunately, there was a lot more to Tucker’s issues than previously thought. We finally find out more details about them, the causes and resulting events. I won’t go into any more than that, but his reluctance to trust Jesse with his secret, after Jesse had given up so much to be with Tucker, whether by choice or circumstance, ended up causing some major problems that sort of avalanched into the big event that I am sure will bring many to tears.

This is the point where the title of the book is worked into the story, and I have to say, I absolutely loved how that was effectuated. For the most part, this story was beautifully written. Though it did seem overly orchestrated at times, everything had a purpose to reach the conclusion. While I didn’t understand or agree with the way certain things played out, I could not fault the writing. If you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into that will pull at your heartstrings, give this one a try. I’ll definitely be looking for more from this author in the future.