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Luke's Brutal Abduction (Luke's Brutal Abduction, #1) - Brad Vance Luke is looking for porn that delivers what it says but has yet to find any - until his roommate, on a bet, finds just the thing. After seeing the abducton porn, Luke does some research into its creator, Slader, and learns that he offers a service of providing the kidnapping experience.

Luke sets up the kidnapping, but Slader is all legit business, offering the kidnapping, dominating, rough treatment experience, without any actual sex (other than Luke on his own). Luke leaves feeling quite unsatisfied, as he really wants the whole deal. Luckily, Slader offers that, off the books, to maintain his legit businessman status.

This raunchy little short leaves you feeling exactly a bit like Luke in that the experience was great, but you really want the whole shebang. The writing is fast paced, and the scenes are hot. I'm definitely ready to see what Slader has in store for Luke next.