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Werecat: The Rearing (Book 1) - Andrew J. Peters Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews 3.5 stars

This was a bit different as shifter stories go. Here we have Benoit, a panther shifter who spends more time in cat form than human, and Jacks, a cougar shifter, who was turned by Benoit under a slight bit of trickery. The two are mated, and in somewhat of a relationship where they actually have more sex in cat form than human form. Unfortunately, Benoit seems to be turning a bit wild over time, in that he prefers to be in his cat form more than not, enjoys hunting humans for sport, etc. Jacks is not entirely comfortable with this, and attempts to leave.

I’m not a fan of flashbacks on a good day, and while it works the way it is told here, my stance remains. The story jumps back and forth a few months at a time which I just find tiresome and prefer the story just be told in the right order to begin with. Anyway, Jacks is quite a likable character who never wanted to be in the position he is, has no desire to hunt or harm humans, but finds himself stuck with having Benoit breathing down his neck. Benoit is pretty territorial, especially when it comes to Jacks, which is ultimately his downfall.

There is no HEA for these two. And while there is another character involved (though no cheating takes place), nothing becomes of their relationship past friendship. So, this was enjoyable with its different shifter aspects, and not the same old, same old. I didn’t find it quite as dark as the blurb hints at. While Benoit does trick and force the bonding/change on Jacks, it is somewhat mild and I don’t think should scare anyone off.

This is book 1, so I will definitely be looking forward to the next installment to see where this is headed.