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Report For Repair - Sommer Marsden Report written for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 3.5 stars

This was a fun, cute and sexy read. The initial meeting was a little cheesy, but as things went on, I found it quite enjoyable.

Chance is funny and cute but a little low on self esteem. His last relationship was not that great of an experience and left him a bit unsure of himself. He meets Todd, the hunky electric repairman, when his neighbor’s dead tree drops limbs on his power lines knocking out his electricity.

They seem to hit it off with their first encounter, though Todd does a bit of teasing and leaves the ball in Chance’s court. Problem is that Chance is not one to make the moves. As it turns out, Todd had recently gotten out of a bad relationship as well, and was tired of making all the moves.

It was really fun to watch Chance step out of his comfort zone and to see him come up with excuses for further visits from Todd. With the help of his friend and boss, Becca, he decides to make the effort and take the initiative. The sex scenes were really hot, and there is lots of funny banter throughout. This story contains some light BDSM, but mostly teasing talk and spanking. I recommend this for anyone looking for something fun and sexy.