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The Current Between Us
Kindle Alexander
Fire For Effect (Recon Diaries #2) - Kendall McKenna Kellan and Jonah are back in the States. We learn about how things have been going for them relationshipwise with having to deal with the separation of being stationed at different ends of the country, etc. I love when these guys are together that it is somewhat understated, yet they can turn up the heat in every scene.

In this segment, things take a different direction. The guys are on a team investigating the reasons behind one soldier's (or was he a marine? Forgive me for not remembering) denial of the Medal of Honor. As it turns out, there has been a large deficit in the awarding of Medals of Honor in the past couple of wars. As one of their key witnesses is stationed in Afghanistan, they must travel there to interview him.

This is where things really picked up for me. Kendall is fabulous at writing military. You feel as though you are drawn right beside the men during these skirmishes. The descriptions are vivid, and the talk again seems spot on, though it may be annoying to those not privy to all the acronyms.

I'm excited that it appears there is more to Jonah and Kellan's story and look forward to another solid Recon installment.