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The Boyfriend Experience - Alexis E. Skye I had high hopes for this story. While I did enjoy it, there were some flaws that really brought the rating down for me. I loved Nate and Darren together and loved how they seemed to be so right for each other. What I didn't love is explained below.

Nate insists on having a first date to determine whether he wants to enter into the long-term contract. That happens, they decide they are compatible, no further discussion ensues, then it is two months later. It felt like a lot of important details were left out during this missing time. The biggest time jump happens after Nate leaves because it is the right thing to do, even though they both love each other. Somewhat understandable, but then viola!, it is three years later but they act as though it has only been a few months. This just chopped up the story too much.

The other issue I had was with lack of concoms, or even any discussion about it. I could understand maybe the long-term contract, it is a reputable high-end escort service, so I forgave it while they were in this stage. However, he never used any with John in the beginning when he was visiting his regular clients, and when they are together again after three years apart, the subject doesn't even come up? Seems very immature and unrealistic for someone of Darren's position and intelligence.

Given all of that, this was just an ok enjoyable read for me.