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Second Exit (Exit #2) - London Lampy I have really come to love Exit. This story flows the same way as the first. Exit is back and asked to go on another mission with Vio and Vin, as well as their boss, Sampson, who is a very annoying individual. The mission, of course, goes somewhat awry, and the adventure begins.

Captain Quint and Topher are not present in this segment, which the A/Ns tell us right from the beginning. However, that did not prevent me from hoping that the mysterous Kremmen was somehow going to steal Exit and return him to the pirates. Alas, my imagination ran wild and was put back on track while Exit was returned to his Echoback roots. He was able to see how his people truly live and the problems they face, including the slaves.

I love that we get to meet Jack, and he seems to genuinely care for Exit. I didn't love this story quite as much as the first but I think that is mostly due to missing the storyline of book 1. There are so many individuals seeming to want to be with Exit, I'm hoping we find out who he ultimately chooses at the end. In the meantime, I shall enjoy the bumpy ride. This book ends on a bit of a cliffy, so I'm off to jump into book 3 now.